Persistent Approach

We request for and study the disclosure (evidence) for every traffic ticket. We approach every traffic ticket as if we were going to trial. In other words, we do not simply plea negotiate on your behalf. We believe the legal fee you pay is not worth a simple plea negotiation. Why settle for a plea resolution (pleading guilty to a 'lesser' charge) before evaluating if there is enough evidence to convict you of the original one? Everyone has the right to a fair trial, and a fair trial means your agent should always review the evidence against you before making a decision to plea. It should be the agent's duty to raise reasonable doubt in circumstances where the evidence is not sufficient and/or lacking.

No Extra Charge to go to Trial

After evaluating the evidence against you, we will outline your trial options and your chances of winning. You decide whether you want us to fight your traffic ticket altogether or start plea resolutions with the prosecutor. The fee you pay Road Warriors covers the disclosure request, disclosure review, and the trial and plea preparation (yes, we prepare for trial before you even make a decision, so we are always one step ahead).

Competitive Pricing

We are able to offer competitive rates because we have Computer Scientists on staff who have streamlined our administration using state of the art technology. We also reduce our overhead by consulting with most of our clients over the telephone and/or internet which saves us and you time. If the client is required to testify in court, we meet with the client half an hour before the allotted court time at the assigned court house to once again go over the details of the upcoming trial.

High Success Rate

We are able to maintain such a high success rate because if we cannot help you, we will tell you. Therefore, if we feel we cannot help you given the facts of your situation, we will advise you and not proceed with your traffic matter. It may or may not be worth your money to continue fighting. We would rather have a happy satisfied customer than profit off an unsatisfied one. (Please note that our success rate includes trial successes as well as plea negotiation successes, where the client was satisfied with the results of the case). Please be advised, however, that every legal matter is different and a high success rate does not guarantee the results of your particular matter. Rest assured, however, that if there is a way to have your traffic offence dismissed, our agents will find it.