Did you have traffic ticketsin the province of Ontario? Depending on what you were charged with, traffic offences can carry demerit points, heavy fines, licence suspensions, custodial sentences, and insurance rate implications.According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, your driving record plays a role in the determination of your insurance premium. Minor driving convictions such as speeding less than 50 kph over the limit or even just one major conviction such as careless driving can increase your insurance premium for the next three years. The Facility Association of Ontario, in particular, can increase their members' insurance premiums by 100% for serious convictions such as careless driving or racing. The FAO can also increase their members' insurance premiums from 5 to 25% for minor convictions such as seatbelt offences or improper/illegal turn offences, and from 15% to 25% for major convictions such as failing to report an accident or for various class G1 contraventions. Each insurance company differs in their determination of rating rules and thus, you will need to do the necessary research with your own insurance company in order to determine the insurance rate implications of your particular charge. In some cases, our clients have informed us that their insurance companies would drop their coverage if they were convicted of the particular charges they received. Thus, researching into the insurance implications of your particular charge would be prudent.

Contact us for a free consultation and our rates to defend your traffic tickets. Our paralegals defend drivers against a full range of traffic offences such as speeding, careless driving, stunt driving, driving under suspension, driving with no insurance, fail to stop for a red light, and more.

We protect your driving record against traffic tickets received in the following areas

Alternatively, if you have the time to fight your own traffic tickets and do not require the services of a paralegal, feel free to peruse our tutorial online on how to fight your own traffic tickets. You may also request a trial date online for your traffic matter to prevent having to take the time off work or from other responsibilities in order to do so.


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