Request a Trial Date for Your Traffic Ticket


Checking the Challenging the Officer's Evidence Option

You need to check the box that states you would like to challenge the officer's evidence and follow the instructions on the back of your traffic ticket on how to submit your request. Make sure you indicate you want a trial and sign the traffic ticket. Make a photocopy of both sides of the traffic ticket for your own records.

Registered Mail

If you want to help ensure that your request for a trial date does not disappear or get lost in the mail (this has been known to occur in some cases), always have some form of receipt. If you are mailing in your traffic ticket, you may want to mail it using registered mail.

Drop Off

If you choose to drop off your traffic ticket at the appropriate Provincial Court Office instead of mailing it, ensure you get a receipt from the clerk. The clerk usually photocopies the traffic ticket and stamps a 'FILED' stamp on it with the date, and gives you the copy of the traffic ticket as a form of receipt.

On average, you should receive your trial date within 4 to 8 weeks of filing your traffic ticket.  For some of the busier traffic court offices, receiving your trial date may take as long as 3 to 6 months.   It is good practice to check with the traffic court office approximately six weeks from the date you requested a trial date if you have not yet received your court date in the mail.

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