Request a Trial Date for Your Traffic Ticket



Checking the Challenging the Officer's Evidence Option

For traffic court offices that require you to attend in person to request a trial date for your traffic ticket, you will be required to fill up a Notice of Intention to Appear form.

Bring a completed form with you to the Provincial Court Office.

If you already have a Notice of Intention to Appear form filled out before you enter the court office, all you would need to do is hand this form over to the clerk. This way, you will not have to endure the clerk's attempts at convincing you to schedule a First Attendance Meeting instead of a trial date. Ensure you have a copy of the traffic or speeding ticket with you as well just in case the clerk cannot look up your information in the computer. Having your traffic ticket with you will ensure the traffic court office has all the information they will need.

Alternatively, you may request a trial date online through our office to save you from having to take the time off work or from your other priorities in order to do so.


Always have some form of receipt indicating you have submitted your traffic ticket.

If you want to ensure that your request for a trial date does not disappear or is misplaced (this has been known to occur in some cases), always have some form of receipt. If your traffic ticket has a mail-in option  and you choose to mail your traffic ticket, you may want to mail your ticket using registered mail. If you are attending the Provincial Court Office in person to request a trial date or file a Notice of Intention to Appear, ALWAYS ask for a receipt from the Office Clerk.  If you request a trial date online through our office, you will receive a receipt indicating a trial date has been requested by our office on your behalf.

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