Request a trial date for your traffic ticket, not a first attendance meeting

Schedule a Trial Date NOT a First Attendance Meeting

Some traffic court offices that require you to attend in person in order to request a court date for your traffic ticket will attempt to persuade you to call in and set up an appointment to meet with the prosecutor. It begs the question: Why allow us to call in to set up a First Attendance Meeting with the prosecutor but not allow us to schedule a trial date over the phone? The First Attendance Meeting is simply another deterrent used to discourage you from going to trial for your traffic or speeding ticket. The prosecutor at the meeting, without first providing you with the evidence for your traffic matter, will attempt to reach a plea resolution with you. He or she will attempt to convince you to plead guilty to a lesser charge. You have the option of reaching a plea resolution agreement or going to trial during the trial date itself, so the meeting is just an unnecessary extra step (unless you are certain you only want to plea negotiate and not go to trial at all, despite not looking over the evidence for your traffic matter first). So, save yourself some time and request for a trial date NOT a First Attendance Meeting. Be firm with the Clerk at the office by stating you require a TRIAL date.

*Please note that the 'First Attendance' Meeting is different from the 'First Appearance' court date assigned to people with Part III charges. If you received a Part III charge and are summoned to court for a First Appearance, it is important you attend court on the assigned day*

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