DO NOT begin to explain why you are not guilty. You will look foolish and your plea will be stricken from the record and a trial will take place.

The Justice of the Peace will also ask you if you have anything to say regarding the penalty. You may at this point explain your financial situation if you fear the fine that will be imposed upon you will burden you financially. If you feel that you will be unable to pay the fine, you may apply under section 59(2) of the POA and have the fine reduced or waived completely, based on your financial situation. Keep in mind that there are minimum set fines for the various offences and in order to reduce them or waive them completely, you need to refer to 59(2) of the POA. You may also ensure that the court understands your remorse and that you never intend on committing this traffic offence again.

The Justice of the Peace will then ask you how much time you need to pay. You usually have until 15 days to pay your fine but you can ask for up to a year.

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