1 - Receive a consultation and price quote from us.

Complete a rate request form here, contact us at 1-877-2SHIELD, or fax your traffic ticket together with your contactinformation (phone number and email address) to 1-866-841-6608.

2 - Sign a retainer form, and pay the necessary fee to retain our services.

You can retain a paralegal from Road Warriors to fight your traffic ticket through email or fax. You are also welcome to retain a paralegal in person from Road Warriors by requesting an office appointment. We accept payments using MC, Visa, American Express, and Interac. We also accept cash and payments through Western Union. Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques.

3 - We obtain your traffic ticket information, and any other relevant documents.

You can fax or email Road Warriors a copy of your traffic ticket or summons, your driver's licence, and any other correspondence you may have received from the traffic court (ie. Notice of Trial, First Attendance Notice). You may also drop off copies of your court documents for your traffic ticket in person by requesting an office appointment.

4 - We request a trial date for your traffic ticket.

If you have not already done so, we request a trial date with the corresponding traffic court office location for you. Once your trial date has been requested, you will receive a Notice of Trial from the corresponding traffic court location within an average of 4-6 weeks (longer for some traffic court offices such as Toronto). If you were charged with a major traffic offence and issued a summons with a court date, this step is not necessary.

5 - We request the disclosure for your traffic ticket.

The disclosure for your traffic or speeding ticket will be requested from the appropriate provincial prosecutor. Disclosure is the evidence the prosecutor has gathered against you (ie. police officer's notes). Disclosure is usually received by our office from the prosecutor's office within an average of 4-6 weeks from when it was requested.

6 - Your case manager from Road Warriors reviews the evidence for your traffic ticket with you.

Once we receive the disclosure for your traffic ticket, an appointment is scheduled for the case manager assigned to your traffic ticket case to review the evidence with you. You can discuss the evidence and your options with your case manager through a scheduled phone or in-person appointment. Your case manager can also discuss your evidence and options via email.

7 - Your case manager from Road Warriors informs you of any relevant defences for your traffic ticket, and any offered plea resolutions.

During your disclosure review, the case manager assigned to your traffic ticket case will inform you of any relevant defences derived from your disclosure. Your case manager will also let you know of any offered plea resolutions. Your case manager will obtain instructions from you during your disclosure review.

8 - Your agent proceeds to trial, or accepts a plea resolution.

Depending on your instructions, the paralegal assigned to your case will either proceed to trial, or accept a plea resolution on your behalf. Your attendance in court is not necessary although your case manager during your initial consultation and/or disclosure review will inform you if your testimony would be particularly useful to your case.

The procedure outlined above represents a general overview of the steps commonly taken when a client retains our services to fight a traffic or speeding ticket. In order to review specific information regarding the procedure which will be followed for your individual traffic ticket case, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a rate request here, calling us at 1-877-2SHIELD, or faxing us your traffic ticket with your contact information to 1-866-841-6608.