Requesting Additional Disclosure for your Traffic Ticket

If you feel the officer's notes are lacking important details, such as for example the type of equipment used for clocking your speed, you may request for it in the same way you requested the initial disclosure. You can send a fax or mail request and entitle it Additional Disclosure Request and outline the information you need and the reasons for why you need it.

In some cases, the police officer's notes may be difficult to read due to illegible handwriting. You may request for these notes to be typewritten in the Additional Disclosure Request. It is the duty of the prosecution to ensure you receive legible notes. After all, if you cannot read the disclosure, how can you possibly properly defend yourself in court?

Request for additional disclosure immediately after you review the initial disclosure, to prevent any unnecessary delays. It may take another 4-6 weeks for your additional disclosure request to arrive.

Do not request additional disclosure simply for the sake of adjourning a trial date and/or to prolong your case.

You will end up looking foolish if you request for information that has no bearing or relation to your case whatsoever. It is not a good idea to request for additional disclosure right before your scheduled court date and use the excuse that you did not receive the requested disclosure in time, in order to adjourn (postpone) the trial date. If you intend on requesting for additional disclosure, keep in mind that you will have to justify in court why you feel you need the particular info you asked for, and the Justice of the Peace will not take too kindly to someone he or she feels is purposely detaining the case for no good reason. So, make sure that the additional disclosure you request for is valuable to your case, and not simply used to buy you time.

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