By Jonathan van Ekelenburg

A license suspension itself can have varying effects on insurance rates from company to company, but it is often a sign to the insurance provider to look more closely at your record, since suspensions are generally the result of conviction problems. As Lino D’Intino, an insurance broker with Young’s Insurance Brokers in the Niagara region, says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.”

A charge of driving while under suspension is incredibly serious, however, no matter what provider you are with. D’Intino says that it will have some of the worst ramifications on insurance rates of any charge under the HTA, worse than careless driving and about on par with a charge of impaired driving. Moreover, the entire insurance industry does not look with any sympathy on this conviction.

“Any driver can make a mistake,” says D’Intino, “and that’s what we have insurance for, but driving while you are suspended is just callous disregard for the law. A driver with this charge will have a tough time of it.”

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