Have you received any speeding tickets in the province of Ontario?The consequences associated with Ontario speeding convictions can extend far beyond the actual fines that come with the ticket, affecting demerit point accumulation and insurance rates.A common question we often face from prospective clients involves whether it is worth it for them to fight these tickets, whether on their own or by hiring Road Warriors or another representative.We understand that there a lot of questions you might have that will influence your decision, and it can be a daunting process to undertake without help.

As a result, we decided to formulate this page with answers to frequently asked questions regarding Ontario speeding charges. We hope this page will prove to be of assistance to anyone who has been charged with any speeding offences in determining his or her next course of action. If after reading the answers provided here, you find that you still have more questions, please feel free to contact us using the information found at the bottom of this page.

For speeding tickets, how many demerit points will I get if I am convicted in Ontario?

The amount of points you receive as a result of convictions on speeding tickets depends on the speed you are charged with travelling over the limit.The Ontario Highway Traffic Act divides speeding offences into different categories based on the speed over the limit.Below is a chart outlining the number of demerit points you will receive if you are found guilty for a speeding offence.


Speeding 1 - 15 kph over the limit 0
Speeding 16 - 29 kph over the limit 3
Speeding 30 - 49 kph over the limit 4
Speeding 50 kph + over the limit 6
Racing 6

Is fighting speeding tickets worth it for me?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on each individual circumstance.Though it would be in our best interest to inform everyone to retain our services for defence against Ontario speeding tickets, it would not be a fair and honest answer.Instead, we inform prospective clients to weigh the consequences they will face upon simply paying the ticket fine. Remember: paying the fine up front means the same thing as pleading guilty, and the conviction for the charge will appear on your record after you pay the ticket.

It is important to ask yourself these three questions before deciding to fight your speeding charges:

  • How will my speeding tickets affect my insurance rates?
  • Will accumulating demerit points result in an interview with the MTO, or worse a licence suspension?
  • Do I drive for a living and will a conviction affect my livelihood?

Only you can answer these questions, and it's important that you take the time to think them through.Though justification for defending speeding offences is dependent on each personal circumstance, we do attest that it is crucial that everyone consider the consequences of choosing to plead guilty to a speeding offence before doing so. Too many people just plead guilty to their speeding charges without understanding what that really means, and they regret it later on.

Below is a chart outlining the fine structure for speeding charges if fought in court.


< 20 $3.00 per KMH Over
20 to 29 $4.50 per KMH Over
30 to 49 $7.00 per KMH
50 and over $9.75 per KMH

Should I fight speeding tickets if they do not carry any demerit points?

If you are concerned about your insurance rate increasing as a result of convictions on speeding tickets, demerit points are inconsequential.If your particular speeding offence does not carry any points, your insurance company can still choose to increase your rates.Convictions for speeding charges will still appear on your record regardless of the points involved. You can read our guide on the relationship between insurance rates and traffic tickets, which also includes information about the affects of demerit points.

For speeding tickets, should I hire a paralegal firm to fight for me?

Once again, this is a question only you can determine the answer to.Some of our clients retain our services to fight their speeding tickets for the reason that they just do not have the time to do it on their own.Others are intimidated by the court process and prefer a paralegal to assist them every step of the way.When defending our clients, we educate them on the process and the various defences available to them for their charges.In other words, we ensure that you are able to come away from this experience with more knowledge regarding the court procedures and the laws involved in fighting your speeding charges.

If you have the time to learn the laws and regulations governing your speeding charges, the procedures involved with fighting them, and are willing to take time off your personal and work life to fight, then we direct you to our "How to fight your own traffic ticket" tutorial as an introductory guide.It provides the starting point to learning how to defend yourself in court against charges of speeding, and while it is not a match for having trained and licensed paralegals working for you, it can serve as a basis to begin your own research into the process.We have provided this resource for people who have the time, patience, and dedication to defend their own speeding charges.We will continue to add to this resource in the near future in the hope of better educating people on traffic court procedures and laws. If you do choose to defend yourself and find that you require assistance, remember that paralegals at Road Warriors are here to assist you. You may choose to retain our services at any time during the defence process.

If you would like to inquire about our rates to fight your speeding charges, please fill out our online rate request form or contact us at 1-877-2SHIELD.


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