Along with every claim served you must complete an Affidavit of Service (Form 8A).

This will be on the website: ensure that you have 3 copies, 1 for the defendant to the defendant's claim, 1 for the court and 1 for your records. This policy should be followed for all paperwork in your proceeding.

If you are against another party who has legal representation, it is advised that you seek a legal representative for yourself or at least seek legal advice for your claim

Is it worth it? Court costs time and money to commence proceedings; you must be sure you have both and are willing to consecrate the time. Is the money you seek to gain more than it costs to go through proceedings?

Can you resolve the issue by another means? The Small Claims Court mandates a Settlement Conference before every proceeding, therefore it may be worth your while to negotiate with the person before proceedings. Also there are mediation services available with a third party in order to resolve your claim without the need to go to court and with less cost.