Ontario Traffic Laws & Regulations

The Highway Traffic Act

Online version of the Highway Traffic Act. You can look up the description of your charge and its consequences here.

Set Fines

Contains a list of the set fines associated with each charge in the HTA.

Demerit Point System

Contains a list of the demerit points associated with each charge in the HTA.

List of Regulations under the HTA

Contains a list of regulations associated with the HTA, as well as links to these regulations. For example, regulations for 'Commercial Vehicle Inspection', 'Community Safety Zones', 'Parking', 'Photo-Radar System', 'Safety Inspections', 'Speed Limits' and 'Vehicle Permits' are included in this list.

Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation website. Includes information about the ministry, public transit systems, road condition reports, vehicle licensing, driver licensing, and any other information that traveller's/drivers may find useful. On this website, you may also request a copy of your driving record, a copy of an accident report, a copy of a CVOR record, and you may also file a change of address, conduct a plate search, and etc.

Other 'Fight Your Own Ticket' Websites/Articles

Offers a comprehensive and detailed approach to fighting speeding tickets. This page is ranked high on Google due to the amount of detail and information the writer has compiled for the readers. If you have the time, it would be a good idea to read through this site in order to gain a thorough understanding of the do's and do not's of traffic ticket defence.