Requesting Disclosure

You should request your disclosure for your speeding ticket from the prosecutor as soon as you receive your court date. You will need to send your request to the prosecutor handling your case. Make sure to ask a clerk from the Provincial Offences Court (P.O.C.) for the contact information of the appropriate prosecutor, and get their mailing address, phone number, fax number and email address (if any). It never hurts to have multiple ways to get in contact with the prosecution.

We suggest that you fax your request to the office or use registered mail, as you will want to have proof that you made a request for disclosure for your speeding ticket in case they don’t give it to you. Fax has the benefit of being cheaper and faster than registered mail, but sometimes faxes get lost in the office. If you are going to send it by fax, you should make sure to get a confirmation of receipt page printed and follow up with the prosecutor’s office to make sure it was received. If you send it by registered mail, get the receipt stamped by the clerk at the post service. 

If you have a dedicated fax line that you can use, provide the number for it with your request. Some prosecutor’s offices will agree to send the disclosure for your speeding ticket by fax, which would save you a trip down to the office to pick it up in person. Some will even agree to scan the file and email it if you ask a clerk. Some court offices send you the disclosure for your speeding ticket by mail.  Ask politely what your options are when following up on your request.

We have included a generic request form for disclosure, which you can download here (include link). Make sure to fill out all the information you have, as some offices will not process a request unless it includes all relevant information to indicate which file to send. If you are unsure of a piece of information to include, contact the P.O.C. and ask for clarification from a court clerk.