On-Line Trial Request


If your question regarding our online trial request service is not included in this FAQ page, please do not hesitate to send your question to help@roadwarriors.ca.
My ticket is past the 15 day deadline for filing, can you file my ticket for me?
You will not be able to request a trial date using our online trial request service if the ticket is past 15 days from the date of offence.  It does not necessarily mean, however, that it is too late to fight your ticket.  Generally speaking, most court offices will allow you to request a trial date past the 15 days.  You will need to follow the options on the back of your ticket or contact the court office for the procedure to do so.  Please be advised that if you decide to retain our service to fight your ticket past the 15 days, a representative from Road Warriors will request a trial date on your behalf.
Is it safe to request my trial date using your online service?
A licenced paralegal from Road Warriors will request the trial date personally at the court office on your behalf.  If any error on our part should occur, the licensed paralegal is liable and will correct the error.  The Law Society of Upper Canada holds licensed paralegals accountable for their actions.  Thus, when using any other online service to request your trial date, it is advisable to insist on a licensed paralegal or lawyer to perform the service in order to ensure you are protected.
Do I have to complete the online form?  Can you take the necessary information from me over the phone?
Regretfully, unless you have retained us to fight your traffic ticket, we can only process your request for a trial date through our online service.  Our online service is streamlined and designed to reduce the amount of administrative work necessary to request a trial date on your behalf thereby allowing us to offer the service for a reasonable price.
How will I know a trial date has been requested on my behalf?
Once you have inputted all of the necessary information into our online system and have remitted payment successfully, paypal will send you a confirmation receipt.  You will then receive a confirmation email from our office within 24 hours of sending your request indicating a Notice of Intention to appear was filed on your behalf.  If you do not receive a confirmation email from paypal immediately or from our office within 24 hours of your request, please contact our office.
When do I receive my trial date?
A Notice of Trial is mailed to your address within 4-6 weeks from the date you request your trial date.  For some municipalities like Toronto, it can take 3+ months before you receive a Notice of Trial in the mail.  Please be advised that the Notice of Trial will be mailed to the address you input into our system.  We will not have access to your trial date unless you have retained us to fight your ticket.  Thus, you will need to follow up with the appropriate court office directly for a trial date should you not receive it in the mail.
Can I choose to hire your services after I receive my trial date in the mail?
Yes, you can choose to retain a paralegal from Road Warriors to fight your traffic ticket once you are in receipt of your trial date.  When retaining us, we do ask that you give us sufficient time (at least two weeks before your trial date) in order to prepare for your matter appropriately.