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1.1 January 18, 2012

Current Version: 1.1 (Implemented January 18, 2012) Version 1.0


I authorize and retain, Randy J. Houlahan BSc. and any of his agents or contractors, to act as representative on my behalf in the following matters and to take such action as you or your agents think advisable and as I direct either orally or in writing.

I agree that your account for services rendered will be based upon a block fee for representative's services of $19.99 for filing my Notice of Intension  to Appear for each Part 1certificate of offence I received at a particular time.

The block fee shall include filing a notice of intention to appear or trial request for each offence notice given at the same instance or arising out of the same matter.


I agree to pay the costs of all tax (G.S.T.) and understand that the tax for the gross retainer fee is added to the deposit amount if applicable.

I understand that no work will be done and no expenses incurred unless a retainer is paid in full.

I understand that the full to date retainer must be paid in full on-line for service to be rendered.

I understand, agree and request that funds for services rendered will not be held in trust and will be paid in full to Randy J. Houlahan BSc. of Road Warriors via PayPal.

I understand that all deposits and payments are non-refundable under all circumstances.


I agree that it is my responsibility to contact the Provincial Offences Court in order to inquire as to the status of my trial request.

I understand that my trial request will be filed within 36 hours (business day) of this request and before the 15 day deadline.

I am aware that at times it may take up to 3 days for Road Warriors to respond to my inquiries regarding my trial request.

It is my responsibility to complete the web form request accurately.  I further understand that any errors or typos made by me can result in my request for a trial not being completed which will lead to a conviction.

I agree that in addition to filling out this web form I have reviewed the information for accuracy before payment which initializes Road Warriors service.

I acknowledge that the disposition of this matter has not been guaranteed in any way by Road Warriors or its agents and that this retainer is for the filing of a trial request only.

I agree that correspondence regarding this retainer should only be communicated via email to

I agree that it is my responsibility to contact the court office for my new court date and I am aware that I can contact any Provincial Offences Office within Ontario to be made aware of an upcoming court date.

I agree that a receipt for filing is not included in this service but I will instead receive a confirmation email from Road Warriors once my request for a trial has been filed.

I also understand that Road Warriors keeps all receipts for 7 years and if a copy of the receipt is required, I may order the receipt at an administrative cost of $19.99.


I authorize Randy J. Houlahan of Road Warriors to employ any lawyer, representative or expert he believes necessary in this matter.

I authorize the Ontario Court of Justice or any prosecution related to my matter to provide all materials including any Trial dates.