Myth: The officer must show the radar reading if you ask to see it

By Jonathan van Ekelenburg

Sometimes when a driver is pulled over for speeding, they will demand proof from the officer that they were going as fast as they were accused. Asking to see the radar readingis a bad idea.

The officer does not have to show you the radar reading and generally never will, as the machines are sensitive and expensive. Moreover, you should never argue with the officer upon being pulled over, even if you are sure you were not going at the speed the officer has clocked you at.

The best thing to do when pulled over by an officer is to say as little as possible and be very polite. Do not give excuses or admit to speeding and let the officer do the majority of the talking. Dont argue that you couldnt have been going as fast as you were clocked at. Take the ticket and immediately seek advice to fight it, whether by hiring a professional or doing the research to fight the ticket yourself.

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