Myth: Radar detectors ensure you never get a ticket

By Jonathan van Ekelenburg

Some drivers have installed a device in their car to detect the use of radar to track their speed, and they use these devices to alert them to slow down only when someone is tracking their speed. Some drivers believe that using these devices means youll never get a speeding ticket again.

Using a radar detector will not save you from tickets, and can in fact make things far worse. First of all, enforcement agencies are upgrading their speed-detection technology regularly, and users of radar detectors will find themselves constantly having to upgrade their own technology to keep up. Many radar detectors out there simply wont work well enough to be useful against the technology used by police.

Studies have also shown that radar detectors can give a driver a false sense of security, which leads them to being more willing to commit other offences on the road. Even if a detector is working properly, it cannot tell you when an officer is watching you run a red light or disobey a sign, and some officers can use other methods to track speed such as laser detection or by pacing your vehicle. Believing that you are free to break the law until noticed is just more likely to make you break the law more often until you are caught.

Finally, radar detectors are illegal in Ontario. You can be charged for even just having one in your car, regardless of whether it is plugged in or even in your glove box.

Simply put, radar detectors are not worth the risk.

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