Myth: If you get a ticket in another province or in the States, it won't affect your driving record in your home province

By Jonathan van Ekelenburg

Ontario is a hub province to not only Quebec and Manitoba, but also New York State and Michigan. Every day drivers travel between our province and the world around it, and some drivers believe that if they get a ticket in one place it won't affect their driving record back home.

This is not true. All of the provinces in Canada have an agreement to inform each other of convictions placed on a driver, so demerit points and license suspensions can affect your driving record no matter where you are.

Most of the states in the USA have an agreement with the Canadian provinces for the same purpose as well, and New York is no exception. The states also have the National Driver Register, which is a database of information about drivers with suspensions or other serious convictions on their record, which can be accessed from any state before issuing a driver's license.

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