Myth: Excuses to the officer will get you out of a speeding ticket

By Jonathan van Ekelenburg

When drivers get pulled over for a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, a lot of them will try to explain to the officer why they were speeding or disobeyed that traffic sign in the hopes of getting out of a speeding ticket. Here are some common excuses heard by officers every day in Ontario:

  • I'm running out of gas and I need to get to the next gas station
  • I'm late for work
  • My kid has to go to the bathroom
  • This is a new car and I'm not used to it yet
  • I've never driven on this road before and didn't see the sign

These excuses never work and, even worse, can inculpate you later on in a trial. Giving an excuse as to why you were speeding essentially means you're admitting to speeding, which the officer will take note of and will hinder you later rather than help you get out of a speeding ticket.

The only situations in which you can be excused for disobeying the laws of the road are life-or-death situations, and the officer will make sure that you are telling the truth if you use such an excuse. Officers have been known to follow drivers who say they're heading to the hospital for an emergency.

The best thing to do when pulled over by an officer is to say as little as possible and be very polite. Do not give excuses or admit to speeding or committing any particular offence and let the officer do the majority of the talking. Take the ticket and immediately seek advice to fight it, whether by hiring a professional or doing the research to fight the ticket yourself. The best way to get out of a speeding ticket is not to make excuses, but to stay calm, polite and quiet and fight the speeding ticket later.

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