Mailing your speeding ticket in

Make sure you review the instructions on the back of your speeding ticket for how to send it in by mail. Check off the box that states you intend to challenge the officer’s evidence. Indicate on the ticket that you do want a trial, and ensure to sign the ticket. Once you’re finished filling out everything you need to on the ticket, make sure to photocopy both the front and back of the ticket and keep the copies for your records. Now you need to mail it out.

Use registered mail!

If you don’t want to spend money on registered mail and you live close enough to the court, you can always choose to drop off your speeding ticket in person at the provincial offences office. Keep in mind that courts in larger cities are generally busier, so you may have a longer wait in line. The clerk usually creates a photocopy of the speeding ticket and stamps it as filed, so make sure to get that copy and keep it as a receipt.